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Baller Pope Francis Travels With His Own Bottled Water From Rome

Plus, everything he's eaten in Mexico so far.

Pool/Getty Images

Cooking for Pope Francis may seem like an intimidating experience, but the chef who had the honor of doing so on the pope's recent visit to Mexico said he kept things simple. Chef Jose Ibarra was tasked with cooking three meals a day for Pope Francis during his stay in Mexico City's Apostolic Nunciature, according to teleSUR.

Ibarra, who owns a Brazilian restaurant in Colonia Escandon called Don Sazon, also cooked for the pope in 2012. This time around, he said his biggest concern was for the 79-year-old's digestion. In other words, nix the spicy ingredients and use the healthiest possible ingredients.

The pope, who is from Argentina, had breakfast that was actually American-style, Ibarra told teleSUR, consisting of bread, coffee, tea, cheese, and marmalades. He also had water that was shipped in from Rome. The pontiff, known for his humble meals, has been known to indulge only on occasion.

When the pope visited the U.S. back in September, his menu was a bit more extravagant, specially curated by chefs Lidia Bastianich (who had cooked for Pope Benedict XVI in 2008) and Angelo Vivolo. His American meals included veal medallions, Concord grape sorbetto, risotto with porcini, and apple crostata, to name a few dishes.

Pope Francis has also revealed a penchant for ice cream (on a trip to the Philippines), and prior to his U.S. trip expressed the desire to try a real New York Slice. Additionally, on his U.S. tour, he was treated to 60 pounds of a special coffee blend, created just for him.