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Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

As the 2016 presidential race heats up, one restaurant in New Jersey is voting with its menu: A restaurant in the city of Millville called Wildflower has just unveiled a "Bernie Sanders Burger," says CBS Philadelphia.

Somewhat confusingly, said burger isn't a burger at all but rather a wrap that includes red beans, hummus, mushrooms, avocado, and sweet potato, which fits right in with Wildflower's menu of "earthly vegan fare." (Owner Eric Nyman tells CBS the red beans are intended to represent "the color of the Socialist party.") Apparently the dish has been a hit thus far, and appropriately, the first person to order it was sporting a Bernie t-shirt.

The Democratic candidate's outspoken support for free college education and a $15 minimum wage has also inspired famously liberal ice cream company Ben & Jerry's to create a flavor in his honor, a super-limited-edition mint and chocolate concoction known as "Bernie's Yearning."

Sanders isn't the only presidential candidate that's being honored with eponymous foodstuffs: A restaurant on the Iowa caucus trail recently honored red-faced Republican Donald Trump with a "No-Nonsense Burger," claiming it was "making the hamburger great again." But it seems Trump's political antics may have lost him as many namesake dishes as they've won: A Canadian restaurant recently decided to axe its own Donald Trump-inspired burger — garnished with appropriately high-dollar ingredients like truffle aioli — following the candidate's proclamation that Muslims should be barred from entering the U.S.