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Antonin Scalia on Deep Dish Pizza; Jimmy Fallon Jumps Through a Massive Doughnut

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Five or six things to know today, served over-easy.

The Tonight Show/Official

The Grammy awards were last night and in case you missed the show something something Lady Gaga something something Taylor Swift, Adele basically won. The end.

In other news: a Supreme Court judge dies and we remember his thorniest words, plus related Chick-fil-A news; why Esquire's Best Bars of America ended its run; Bon Appetit magazine's latest issue features photos taken with an iPhone... because culture?; it's still breakfast week — here's what you've missed; and finally watch Jimmy Fallon jump through a massive doughnut in LA.

— This past weekend Superme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died and the reactions have ranged from respectful sadness to (perhaps somewhat misplaced) joy. Fortunately, the Huffington Post remembers an issue Scalia held near and dear to his heart: Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Last year Scalia told the Chicago Sun-Times: "You know these deep-dish pizzas — it's not pizza. It's very good, but ... call it tomato pie or something. ... I'm a traditionalist, what can I tell you?"

— In related news, Chick-Fil-A, one of America's most conservative fast food chains, honored Justice Scalia's passing by lowering the American flags in front of each location to half mast. Elmo reacts:

Best Bars in Americathe show on Esquire that sent two comedians — hosts Sean Patton and Jay Larson — on tour across the country to drink and do quote-unquote funny things on camera at, allegedly, America's best bars, has ended its run after two seasons. Was it low ratings that shut the whole thing down? Patton tells Vulture that the two hosts "walked away," because, "they were asked by the production company to act more 'bro'-ish, and they refused." Say what? Apparently producers would pull the hosts "aside and be like, 'Well, guys, she's a supermodel. Maybe give her a little ogle, or be like, "Wow, you're so hot."' Patton says he balked, "'I'm in my 30s!' And Jay was like, 'I have a wife and two children. You want me to ogle another woman for television? No, I'm not doing it.'" Insert applause here.

— Every photograph in Bon Appetit magazine's March "Culture" issue was shot with an iPhone. Photographers who worked the shoots had mixed, but mostly positive reactions to the assignment. Quote: "You have to let go of the ego you attach to the tool, and the iPhone is the ultimate expression of that."

— Breakfast week continues. Highlights from day one:

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• The Outrageous Cinnamon Rolls at the Butcher Block Have Been Hot for Two Decades

— Rank your favorite egg dishes here.

— Bonus: Watch Jimmy Fallon jump through LA's iconic googie architecture doughnut, the Randy's Donut: