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Adele Soothed Her Grammy Performance Woes at In-N-Out Burger

Plus McDonald's handed out Egg McMuffins backstage.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Last night the 58th annual Grammy Awards took Los Angeles, bringing with it the usual procession of pop stars in priceless couture and boring acceptance speeches — and perhaps more fast food than one would expect from such a prestigious event.

This year's memorable moments included Justin Bieber sporting some regrettable facial hair, a fresh Taylor Swift haircut that will almost surely dominate the entertainment news cycle for the next three days, and some unfortunate technical difficulties during Adele's performance that inspired conspiracy theories galore on Twitter.

Rather than being treated to Champagne and caviar, this year attendees had McDonald's all-day breakfast foisted upon them backstage by interns. Nothing like a McGriddle and a hash brown after you've just performed for a television audience of millions:

Speaking of McDonald's, Billboard posted a series of tweets during the show that featured prominent McDonald's advertisements, prompting outrage from Twitter followers:

Proving once again that celebrities really are just like us: Adele chose to ditch her label's afterparty and instead comforted her post-performance blues by high-tailing it to In-N-Out for a well-deserved burger and fries.

No word on whether she prefers her fries cooked well-done or regular, however.

And Adele wasn't the only one going HAM on some In-N-Out last night: Republic Records, which reps artists such as Nicki Minaj, The Weeknd, and Ariana Grande, also had an In-N-Out truck stationed at its afterparty.