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One Whole Foods Is Selling Breakup Cake

Say "goodbye" in the form of baked goods.

Valentine's Day — aka Black Sunday — has come and gone, and for couples who were already in rocky relationships, a bad date may have been the final nail in the coffin. A Whole Foods in Brookline, Mass., is here to help anyone who awoke the morning after V-Day with breaking up on the mind.

Splitting with a significant other is an emotional event, and sometimes it's hard to put heavy feelings into words. Thankfully, this cake gets the conversation going. Of course, it's only a start, but maybe the Whole Foods bakery is serving up the necessary follow-up cakes too. Either way, using a cake to break up allows for a sweet consolation following a relationship's bitter end.

A bakery employee at the Brookline Whole Foods told Eater the cake is meant to elicit a post-Valentine's Day chuckle: "I think my manager said, 'Let's just make a few of these as a joke and then see what happens.'" In addition to the vanilla-frosted cake shown in the above photo, the employee confirmed there's a chocolate version too. That cake features a large heart with "We need to talk" in the middle. Both cakes check in at $5.99.

Eater reached out to several other Whole Foods locations, and it appears the breakup cakes are available only at the Brookline store. But, employees at the other bakeries said they would be happy to duplicate the cake as a special order for any customer with a photo of the wrecked-relationship confectionery.