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Watch John Oliver Explain Chipotle's Public Health Crisis

Oliver calls Chipotle "America's abusive boyfriend."

Chipotle, America's favorite "healthy" chain, has been struggling to make a comeback after a slew of food safety scandals. First, dozens of customers ended up at the ER after coming into contact with Norovirus at a California Chipotle. Days later, the company was sued by San Francisco consumers in a class action lawsuit after it allegedly falsely claimed it would only be serving foods that were GMO-free. The bad news continued as the chain was the source of a Salmonella outbreak in Minnesota before 43 locations were forced to close due to an outbreak of E. Coli in Washington and Oregon, which eventually spread to a total of nine states.

While the company quickly reopened stores and promised the health scare was over, the food safety issues made their way to Boston, where upwards of 120 college students became ill after coming into contact with Norovirus at their local Chipotle. Although company CEO Steve Ells promised the public the chain would become the safest place to eat, the damage was done.

Despite the fact that Chipotle is currently working on a massive recovery plan that includes pledging $10 million to farmers to help them meet the company's new food health protocols, comedian John Oliver discussed the scandal on his show Last Week Tonight. With more than a touch of humor, Oliver goes over the public health issues, talks to the public, and makes a satirical commercial that boasts, "Welcome to Chipotle, thank you for your bravery."