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Chowing Down on Griddle Cafe's Epic Breakfast Menu

This place has breakfast on lock.

Eater editor Farley Elliott is back with another episode of Eat the Menu, where he forgoes the hardest part of dining out (choosing what to order) by rounding up all of the best and most enticing menu items at some of our favorite establishments.

Today the crew takes over The Griddle Cafe, a Los Angeles diner-style institution where the dishes’ names are outdone only by their massive size and crazy toppings. A hypnotic red velvet pancake so enormous is barely fits on a plate? Yes. A huge omelet served with garlic bread and topped with grilled shrimp? One of those too. Potato skins topped with ham topped with poached eggs topped with hollandaise? Bring it on. Watch Elliott chow through all of these and more at the bustling Sunset Boulevard restaurant.

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The Griddle Cafe

7916 Sunset Boulevard, , CA 90046 (323) 874-0377 Visit Website