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Actor Bill Murray Loses Cool, Throws Fans’ Cell Phones Off Restaurant Rooftop

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Who you gonna call?

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Former Ghostbuster and occasional South by Southwest bartender Bill Murray allegedly lost his cool this weekend at a restaurant in Carmel, California, flinging two fans' cell phones off the roof. According to US Weekly, police were called around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday evening to investigate an incident at the Vesuvio restaurant, a popular celebrity haunt near the Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament.

"When they got there, there were three people who had claimed that their cell phones had been taken from their hands and thrown. Two phones went off the roof and one was not damaged, it landed on a cushion on a chair," says Carmel police commander Paul Tomasi. While the actor was no longer on the premises, when reached by investigators Murray "admitted he was there last night and is taking full responsibility for the damaged phones."

The owners of the phones claim they weren't taking photos or videos of Murray when the incident occurred; however, restaurant owner Scott Pepe tells TMZ that Murray got angry when he spotted one of the patrons taking his picture, snatched the phones and threw them off the second story roof. Pepe says the Caddy Shack actor wasn't drinking on Thursday night and adds that he plans to ban cell phones from the restaurant. Police say the victims aren't pressing charges.

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