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This Old Photo of the El Bulli Crew Will Take You Back in Time

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Enjoy a stroll down memory lane.

Helen Rosner

Time is merciless, and it cannot be stopped. Want proof? Take a look at the above photo, snapped by Eater's own Helen Rosner at Bodega 1900 in Barcelona. The walls of Albert Adrià's restaurant are adorned with El Bulli memorabilia, including this pic of the team from way back when.

Just look at those guys, so young and with their whole lives ahead of them. There's Albert in the center of the group, and his brother Ferran is second from the left. Bookending on the left is the late Chicago chef and restaurateur Charlie Trotter, and on the far right, there's José Andrés. They're all thinking, "I'm way too cool to be posing for this photograph." Young people are always thinking that.

Albert Adrià opened Bodega 1900 in 2013, focusing on his passions of tapas and vermouth. It's a nod to traditional vermuterias in order to maintain their essence, according to the official website, and the staff prepares recipes from the 1900s, "seen from today's perspective."

Ferran Adrià established El Bulli in Roses, Catalonia, Spain, in 1961, eventually earning three Michelin stars. The celebrated restaurant closed in 2011.