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Pureed Onions Are Every Cook's Secret Weapon

A vegan update to soups and sauces

Our friends at ChefSteps, a food and technology company based in Seattle, are chock-full of cooking tips and tricks that are easy to employ in a home kitchen. Today, they share a dairy-free alternative to cream, to be used in sauces or soups, or in finishing dishes like risotto or paste.

Pureed roasted onions not only eliminate the dairy from your dishfor vegan, lactose intolerant, or simply health-conscious home cooks — but also provides an additional punch of flavor and brightness, and an extra serving of vegetables besides. Blending the whole roasted sweet onions with salt, olive oil, and a little bit of lemon juice yields a velvety smooth and deliciously light puree; you'll want to make extra to keep in the refrigerator, for last minute vegan meals.

Watch the video above, and click here for the full recipe from ChefSteps.

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