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Brace: Slovenia Is Building a Public Beer Fountain

Is this Homer Simpson's dream come true?


A city in Slovenia has committed to building a fountain that spews beer instead of water, according to multiple news reports and much to the delight of every beer-loving person on earth. Zalec is a town in the central part of the country with a population just under 5,000. Since 2013 the government has been discussing its plans to build what appear to be a series of taps around a central atrium which it's referring to as a fountain.

Zalec is spending nearly $400,000 (€350,000) on the build out, which has been in the works since 2013. The project has no completion date at this time. And unfortunately it will not be free: visitors will have to shell out about $5 per cup of beer.

Beer is a central part of Zalec's economy as the surrounding area is full of hops farms. The monument is meant to attract visitors and promote the city and country's local brews. For some reason, some in the country are against the public plan and spend but it's likely it will pass.

It sounds like Homer Simpson's dream come true, and may even be cooler than the Nutella fountain at Eataly NYC.