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Obama Is So Hip, the White House Now Serves Chemex Coffee

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The glass brewers are emblazoned with the presidential seal.

That Chemex though
That Chemex though
Facebook / Mark Wilson for Getty

Politics aside, Barack Obama doubtlessly will go down in history as "the cool President." He takes selfies, he hobnobs with Beyoncé and Jay Z, and he even sings a little Al Green from time to time. Apparently, he also has pretty hipster taste in coffee.

According to MassLive, the White House is now home to 50 Chemex coffee makers etched with the presidential seal. And Obama is lucky to have gotten them: Although the glass brewing device has been around for 75 years, it's currently enjoying an explosion in popularity thanks to the third-wave coffee movement, and the Massachussetts-based company is having trouble keeping up with demand.

The White House's newfound taste for hipster coffee apparently came too late for Jerry Seinfeld, though: Obama and the White House were featured on a recent episode of his popular web series "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee," but at that point the presidential brewing method of choice was still a lowly Mr. Coffee. At least it wasn't a Keurig, which surely would've had environmentalists calling for Obama's head: Those pesky little K-cups have proven to be so bad for the environment that even their inventor is wishing he'd never dreamt them up.

Chemex coffee isn't Obama's only cool presidential beverage venture: Under his eight-year reign, the White House also began brewing its own craft beer.