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Sushi Zo Makes the Leap from LA to NYC

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Which sushi city will reign supreme?

When she made the move from Los Angeles to New York, Eater Drinks Editor Kat Odell knew the thing she’d miss most was the West Coast’s abundance of impeccable omakase options. So when Sushi Zo, one of LA’s most lauded omakase bars, announced that they would be expanding to New York, Odell had to check it out.

Founded by master sushi chef Keizo Seki, Sushi Zo currently boasts two locations in LA (downtown and in West LA) in addition to the new West Village, NYC outpost. In New York, the restaurant is helmed by chef Masashi Ito, who claims that while Los Angeles' sushi benefits from being geographically closer to Japan, New York's is more inventive and unique. Watch the video above to see a few bites of Ito’s omakase, and hear more of his thoughts on east coast versus west coast sushi.

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