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Whataburger Is Trolling Kanye West So Hard Right Now on Twitter

Shots fired.

Victor Boyko for Getty, raymondclarkeimages/Flickr

Beloved Texas fast food chain Whataburger has a history of getting involved in hiphop world Twitter feuds — see: Meek Mill vs. Drake — and now the chain is apparently trying to start some beef of its own. Its target? Kanye West, sneaker empresario and husband to reigning selfie queen and sugar cookie star Kim Kardashian.

The cryptic tweet is wide open for interpretation. What is Whataburger trying to say— if you don't bog yourself down with piles of greasy red meat and bread, you too can become a rap mogul and a fashion designer selling $400 t-shirts? Or perhaps that if you are forced to live a sad and Whataburger-less life, you'll turn into a Bill Cosby apologist?

Either way, Kanye probably isn't too thrilled to see Whataburger lighting up his notifications. After all, he did ask everyone to please stop tweeting at him a few days ago so he could host a massive fashion show at Madison Square Garden and finish his highly anticipated album already:

Speaking of trolling Kanye: His 18 million followers had a lot of pressing questions in response to that last tweet that could not, in fact, wait until Monday: