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Watch The Daily Show Explain Everything Wrong With Fast Food Right Now

Cheese-less mozzarella sticks, high calorie kale salad, $6 foot-longs, and more

Last night on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah outlined why "the state of American fast food is not strong." As someone who grew up in South Africa who yearned for a taste of a Big Mac and to end apartheid — "in that order," Noah can't help but be disappointed. Consider: Subway raised the price of its $5 foot-long; people are getting cheese-less mozzarella sticks at McDonald's; and Denny's made a black couple pre-pay for their pancakes. Noah invites senior fast food correspondent Roy Wood Jr. on to explain why the state of fast food is so dire.

Wood tackles the issue of a highly caloric kale salad at McDonald's: "Eating kale at McDonald's is like reading at a strip club... you think you're being classy but you're still going to come out smelling like wet meat and broken dreams." On the subject of faux lobster, Wood is perplexed, "Seriously Red Lobster, this is how you're going to do us? After all Beyoncé did for you?"