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This Is What Anthony Bourdain's Market Will Look Like

Plus six other things to know right now.

Bourdain Market

And now for a special edition of Eater Today, featuring: Ice cream, Shake Shack, Anthony Bourdain, and chef Grant Achatz as a popular character from an '80s sitcom. It's going to be a fantastic day.

— First some bad news: A series of ice cream thefts is apparently threatening the supply of high-end pints of ice cream in New York City ahead of Valentine's Day, aka the day when single people need pints of ice cream most.

— In dining news, Eater NY takes a look at the renderings from Anthony Bourdain's forthcoming street food-focused marketplace and it looks as cool as expected. Note: Bourdain and Co. are also launching an app soon, which will highlight the market's "food partners from around the world."

artist rendering of a portion of #bourdainmarket, art by @romanandwilliams #aleschart

A photo posted by Bourdain Market (@bourdainmarket) on

— Shake Shack just announced it would open a location in St. Louis, which means ooey gooey cake concretes are in our collective future.

— Bloomberg takes a plane to Sydney to be among the first to taste Noma Australia, and it's not all good news. On the shellfish course: "Redzepi uses crocodile fat to solidify the thin, crystalline film that forms over the surface of chicken stock, then drapes some over each half-shell. The result is slick bulges of shellfish under salty, translucent golden veils that slacken and stick to your teeth. It's gorgeous when you land a silvery mussel, or a fat oyster, but one clam was so aggressively dank and bitter that I was scared I might not keep it down." On the other hand: "Service is terrific, from the cheerleader-level energetic greetings as each group of diners comes in, to the bubbly sendoffs as they leave. The staff is so friendly and unobtrusive that you almost don't realize how laser-focused they are on taking care of you."

— Elizabeth on Food tastes Alinea Madrid. She likes it mostly, but is rushed in and out in two hours flat: "The menu was on the compact side, and mainly featuring the restaurant's most manageable dishes, leaving out the intricacy, complexity, and elaborateness the restaurant is so well-known for."

— In other Alinea news, chef Grant Achatz has landed in Miami to get started on Alinea: Miami, here's proof:

Alinea Vice. We've arrived Miami... #AlineaMiami

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— Bravo's Top Chef will film its finale in Las Vegas, which sort of works with the California road trip theme? More importantly, the next episode of Top Chef will be judged by the one and only McHammer. Brace for all the Hammer Time jokes: