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This LA Artist Is Taking out Some Anger on Desserts

Why eat dessert when you can punch it?

Mar Cuervo

The emerging trend of smashing baked goods with human flesh continues. First it was Bread Face Blog, and now it's a project by Los Angeles-based artist Mar Cuervo, appropriately called "Destroyer." Cuervo has has built a website that features gifs of her hands crushing cookies, cakes, ice cream sandwiches, and more.

On the site, Cuervo explains her inspiration: "As a ritual, I've started collecting what I called 'edible objects' that called my attention because of their softness and fragility. They were screaming to be destroyed. I used my anger to rise against our society´s fear of the power of anger and against its obsession with perfection. Anger is usually silenced and avoided as an ostracized and negative feeling, but it is probably the strongest feeling we have and the one that make us change things."

Powerful stuff. In an interview with LA Weekly, Cuervo said the first comestible she destroyed was a "yellow and pink 'flan'" she found in the Netherlands. The artist said smashing it was something she's been craving her entire life: "We have always heard 'don't play with your food.' We were obedient, but I think we all wanted to play with it."