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Whole Foods Market's Value Chain May Feature Tattoo Parlors

A more affordable affiliate of the upscale grocery chain could change things up a bit.

Mike Mozart/Flickr

A millennial-focused Whole Foods Market spinoff store is thinking outside the grocery box when it comes to attracting customers. According to Bloomberg, the national upscale chain wants to bring in outside businesses at the new "365 by Whole Foods Market" stores that are in the works for various locations around the country.

The initiative, called "Friends of 365" could bring in body-care product vendors, record shops, and even tattoo parlors to set up shop within the stores and on their patios. In the callout for candidates, the company wrote, "We want to partner with startups as well as established brands across a variety of categories to help enhance the 365 experience."

It is unclear whether these vendors will follow suit with 365's affordable prices, special offers, and perks that have been promised. When Whole Foods announced the 365 stores last year, it said the stores would "feature a modern, streamlined design; innovative technology; and a curated selection," but it provided no hints that the "curated selection" might include tattoos as well as organic carrots.

But are in-house grocery store tattoo parlors what millennial shoppers at Whole Foods are looking for? We will find out when the first 365 store debuts in in Los Angeles this May.