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$70,000 Worth of Wisconsin Cheese Will Meet its End in a Landfill

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And there is no justice in this cheesy world.

Darren Williger/Flickr

The heart of America's dairyland is breaking as $70,000 worth of stolen cheese wastes away in a Wisconsin landfill. Over the course of a week in late January, thieves stole a collective $160,000 of cheese in Marshfield and Germantown, Wisconsin, according to Consumerist. While both loads were later located, cheese lovers everywhere await hearing the fate of the the Marshfield Parmesan with grated — er, bated — breath.

The Germantown batch of stolen cheese, which consisted pepper jack and Colby, was recovered at a grocery store in Milwaukee, where the thieves had dropped off the palates. The ill-fated cheese could not be resold and was relegated to a fate worse than mold: the landfill.

The 41,000 pounds of Parmesan (with a wholesale value of $90,000) in the Marshfield heist, which occurred a week before Germantown, were tracked to a cold-storage warehouse in Grand Chute, according to the USA Today Network-Wisconsin. Authorities are still trying to determine the exact whereabouts of the Parmesan during the time it was missing. Until then, it is not known whether this cheese will meet the same fate as the Germantown batch.

Police have found no link indicating the heists were related, though the coincidence is wild. Large-scale cheese heists have popped up in recent years, with headlines brimming with incidents of pizza cheese theft in Florida, Comté theft in France, and disappearing wheels of Parmesan in Italy.