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McDonald's Big Mac Sauce Is Literally More Expensive Than Gold

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Or so the results of a recent eBay auction indicate.

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What kind of person pays $100,000 for a bottle of Big Mac sauce? A one-percenter with a terrible palate who wants all their food to taste like it came from a McDonald's drive-thru window, probably. The chain's UK division just auctioned off a bottle of the iconic condiment on eBay for charity, and the winning bid clocked in at an insane £65,900.00 (approximately $95,000) for 740 milliliters of sauce.

That comes out to nearly $130 a gram, making Big Mac sauce literally worth more than gold (which is currently hovering around $40 per gram). But is this reckless spendthrift with a taste for soybean oil and high fructose corn syrup actually legit? According to the Mirror, McDonald's is still trying to confirm that the astronomical winning bid was genuine (and presumably hasn't received payment yet).

McDonald's refers to the tangy orange burger accoutrement as "special sauce," but it's really no big secret: McDonald's freely offers up the ingredient list, and the mixture of mayo, mustard, and relish is akin to sauces served at any number of other burger joints. Nonetheless, that hasn't stopped people from paying insane prices for the stuff: Last year McDonald's Australia auctioned off a bottle for nearly $15,000.

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