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Valentine's Day at KFC Involves Linen Napkins and a Soft Drink Sommelier

Guaranteed to elicit major side-eye from your date.

This is not what romance looks like
This is not what romance looks like

Fancy Valentine's Day restaurant dinners are basically the worst, what with their overpriced prix-fixe menus and refusal to let the severely overplayed molten chocolate cake fade into obscurity. So why not buck tradition altogether and take your significant other to KFC?

Just kidding, don't do that if you have any vested interest in the future of your relationship. But it is an option: Metro reports one KFC restaurant in the UK is testing "date-night table service" this Valentine's Day, with plans to roll it out nationwide next year if all goes well.

The fancied-up KFC experience "includes linen napkins, flowers, a silver candelabra, table service (with your bucket [of chicken] served on a little raised stand) and even your very own soft drink sommelier to recommend the perfect soft drink to go with your choice of sides." The food will presumably still be the same greasy, sodium-laden schlock served the other 364 days of the year.

Those in the mood for a (really, really) low-key Valentine's Day have plenty of other options, too, from Waffle House to White Castle. (And for all you single people out there, if you make out with a stranger at Qdoba you get a free burrito!) Cupid aside, KFC isn't the only fast food restaurant toying with a slightly stepped-up service model: McDonald's has also tested table service in select restaurants in an effort to compete with fast-casual champs like Shake Shack.