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Man Eats at 46 McDonald's Locations in One Day and... Survives

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And he put it on YouTube, naturally.

How many times did you eat at McDonald's last year? A UK man named James Ware most likely beat your annual (or even lifetime?) record in just one day by eating at every McDonald's in London — all 46 of them.

And thankfully, Ware documented the entire grueling process and posted it to YouTube so the rest of humanity could gawk at his ill-advised one-day meal plan, and see if by the end he'd be "lovin' it or loathin' it."

As part of Ware's quest, he pledged to eat a different item at every store he visited. Fully recognizing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, he kicked the day off by devouring not one but seven McDonald's breakfasts, from pancakes to a breakfast burrito and every damn thing inbetween. Then it was on to wraps, burgers, McNuggets, apple pies; impressively, it wasn't until the 22nd course of his epically gross meal that Ware started to feel like he was "hitting the wall."

"You know you've been to too many McDonald's when you're seriously considering ordering the Filet-o-Fish," he stated at store 29. Around visit 38 he starts to look downright queasy, and wisely burns off some calories by pedaling a bicycle through a drive-thru to snag a mayo-slathered chicken sandwich.

According to Ware, he dropped "just under £90" ($130) on his McNugget and Big Mac extravaganza of untold calories and carbs. No word on how his cholesterol levels may have been affected by this venture. Watch the terrifying saga, below: