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Instagram-Famous Jacques La Merde Cooks in NYC; Flynn McGarry Heads to SF

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Plus, a 'Saved by the Bell' themed pop-up in Chicago.

Dining With Flynn/Facebook

NEW YORK CITY — Since coming out of the shadows last month, Instagram's most soigné chef Jacques La Merde — who, surprise, is actually a badass female chef named Christine Flynn — has been making the pop-up rounds. La Merde's next venture will take her to New York, where she'll throw down a totally non-romantic Valentine's Day dinner at Manhattan's Mile End Deli. Expect dishes like "Dorito-flavored bagel bites romanced with ranch dipping sauce [and] fancy leafs" and an "enchanted pickle labyrinth" with schmaltz aioli. Tickets are $125, with two seatings at 6:00 and 8:30 p.m.; reservations can be made at (646) 494-9508.

SAN FRANCISCO — Teenage chef and media phenomenon Flynn McGarry will cook in San Francisco next month. From March 1 to 4, the 17-year-old will recreate his "Eureka" supper club concept — which McGarry originally launched out of his mother's house when he was just 12 — at Feastly’s Market Street pop-up venue. Expect 10 courses such as "sea urchin cured in seawater with carrots and coffee" and "aged beet roasted over embers with greens and beet bordelaise." There are two seatings each night, each limited to 12 people, and seats are $160 (with an extra $60 for wine pairings); reserve here.

CHICAGO — Attention, children of the nineties: A Saved by the Bell-themed pop-up diner and bar will invade the Windy City this summer. The month-long pop-up in the Wicker Park area will model itself after The Max, the diner where Zack Morris and his crew hung out after classes at Bayside; themed menu items will include AC Sliders and the Preppy BLT. As a cracked-out Jessie Spano once famously sang, "I'm so excited!!! I'm so... scared."