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Cinnabon Capitalizes On 'Better Call Saul' Cameo With Free Coffee and Selfies

The show returns for a second season next week.


Few aromas permeate a crowded shopping mall or airport quite like that of Cinnabon, the ubiquitous bakery chain that hawks 900-calorie, frosting-slathered pastries. The sweet smell of cinnamon and cream cheese might not bring to mind meth cooks and crooked lawyers, but that's precisely the association Cinnabon has stirred up with its Better Call Saul partnership.

The Breaking Bad spinoff about the early years of Walt and Jesse's attorney premiered last February to reveal its main character, Saul Goodman, laying low and working at a Cinnabon (complete with a ridiculous mustache). Now, as AMC prepares to debut season two of Better Call Saul on February 15, Cinnabon is capitalizing on the crossover by giving away free coffee all day long, says the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Cinnabon has also stationed life-sized Saul cutouts at its stores, encouraging fans to snap a photo with them and post it to Instagram with the caption #SaulSelfie — and plenty of people are taking the bait:

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Better Call Saul
season two premieres next Monday, February 15 at 10 p.m. EST/PST on AMC.