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Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The New Hampshire primaries went down last night, and Bernie Sanders crushed it with 60 percent of the Democratic vote (compared to just 35 percent for the Republican winner, an impressively tanned Donald Trump). Most people in America had no idea who Bernie Sanders even was several months ago, but now the feisty 74-year-old Democratic Senator from Vermont has become a household name. Nonetheless, that didn't stop MSNBC host Christopher Hayes from misconstruing the candidate with a particular foodstuff:

But what exactly is in a Bernie Sandwich, anyway?

Meanwhile, poor Republican candidate Carly Fiorina snagged just 4.2 percent of the vote, with only former neurosurgeon Ben Carson and some dude named Jim Gilmore coming in behind her. Turns out lots of people just don't care about what Fiorina, a former technology CEO, has to say — including one particular diner patron who just wants to eat her damn breakfast in peace:

And while Clinton may have lost to Sanders in the primary, it wasn't all bad news: At least she brought Doritos for her pint-sized supporters.

Hillary Doritos

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