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Watch Adorable Dachshunds Star in This Heinz Super Bowl Commercial

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Wiener dogs are appropriate for a ketchup commercial.

Super Bowl 50 draws near, and while the football plays a minor part in the festivities, it's the advertisements that really steal the show. This is the time for brands to shine, and Heinz, the iconic ketchup purveyor, is getting a head start. The company has released an extended cut of its planned Super Bowl commercial.

Whether ketchup belongs on a hot dog is a hotly contested point, but most Americans will agree a stampede of dachshunds, dressed up as hot dogs, rates high on the adorable scale. The commercial is appropriately titled "Wiener Stampede," and it features the doggies galloping across a meadow toward a few smiling humans, themselves dressed up as Heinz products. Don Draper couldn't have come up with a better concept.

Once the commercial airs, the only thing left to do will be to scroll through the endless "is a wiener dog a sandwich?" jokes on Twitter.