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Watch: How to Cook Your Steak in the Dishwasher

This is an unorthodox method

Cooking with sous vide is all the rage. Disciples of the method claim it's the best way to get a steak just right: Cook it to a precise temperature, then sear it off in a pan or on the grill. Perfection every time. For anyone who doesn't have a sous vide, there is another way with a more common kitchen appliance.

A standard dishwasher will do the trick, according to this video. Make sure your steak is vacuum-sealed and toss it in for a 90-minute wash (the temperature should be set to 122 degrees Fahrenheit; if you can't control the temperature, maybe it's time to get a new dishwasher). When it's done, finish it off in a pan with some olive oil and butter, and you'll have a nice medium-rare cut of red meat.

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