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Young Londoner Reviews Chicken Restaurants in the Most British Way Possible

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Come for the British slang, stay for the production value

An enterprising young man in the UK is taking the internet by storm with his delightfully professional YouTube restaurant reviews. The self-proclaimed Chicken Connosseur hits up chicken shops across London to offer insightful and sometimes scathing culinary critiques — and in the process, give non-UK viewers a crash course in British slang.

For his latest video review, the Chicken Connoisseur goes to Chick King in the London borough of Tottenham to sample wings, a fried chicken sandwich, and fries — err, chips — the latter of which require “a lot of barbecue sauce” to choke down. While the texture of the wings is proclaimed “quite succulent,” they could use more seasoning, especially in light of the relatively high prices (appropriately illustrated with the scream emoji).

As for the chicken burger, the young gastronome wavers back on forth on whether or not it’s more “hench” or “peng,” ultimately deciding on the former. (Sorry, what?) He also says it’s devoid of flavor — and then, a tough blow for Chick King as our host apparently finds a bone in his sandwich. “It’s getting risky out here,” he says. “A man’s life is on the line, I ain't got life insurance.”

Please, someone fire their restaurant critic and hire this guy immediately.

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[H/T: @thatguyvaris]