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Watch: A Perfectly Sloppy Pork and Plantain Sandwich at Fritai in New Orleans

Nick Solares explores Creole-Haitian cooking at St. Roch Market

The Meat Show's culinary tour of New Orleans continues as host and professional carnivore Nick Solares visits St. Roch Market, a 140-year-old market-turned-food-hall that now boasts 13 vendors offering everything from rotisserie chickens to green smoothies. Solares' destination is Fritai, the market stall serving up Haitian cuisine with an American twist.

Charly Pierre, a Haitian-American, and his partner Eva Chereches moved to New Orleans from Boston and immediate connected with Creole cuisine. "Creole food is directly related to Haitian cuisine, you have all the same elements there," Chereches says.

"People say, 'Oh, your food is like our food,'" Pierre adds. "But it's like, no, your food is like our food." Watch the video above for a sampling of Fritai's menu, including braised and fried pork shoulder, red rice and beans, and the namesake fritai sandwich, featuring pork stuffed between two deep-fried plantains.

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St Roch Market

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