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Watch: This Beautiful Short Film Illustrates the Tragedy of Losing One's Sense of Taste

A gut-wrenching travesty

How would you cope with the reality of losing your sense of taste? Would you be devastated? Perhaps you're of the mindset that "food is fuel," and you wouldn't be bothered much at all. But you would notice. This short film titled Taste, from Barcelona-based director Maria de Castro, confronts the idea, and if you're like de Castro, losing your sense of taste would leave you flooded with memories.

"I come back to the sweetest moment of my childhood, the flavor of summers at my grandmother's house," the film's narrator says. "And I try to remember the smell of that corridor, and family stories come to my mind, whispered in a low voice: worry-less, warm afternoons with cakes, bread, and butter."

It's a beautiful, but tragic film. Watch Taste above, and remember to appreciate your own sense of taste.

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