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You'll Never Love Anything Like This Woman Loves the McRib

She even wrote a song about McDonald's weirdest sandwich


Activism typically falls into one of four categories: social, political, economic, and environmental. But where does a fervent supporter of the McRib fit in?

Last year Bay Area resident Xanthe Pajarilla — quickly becoming known as the McRib Girl — spent over three minutes of her life trying to convince a city council of the novelty sandwich’s merit on the mega-chain's menu. (Back in 2014, McDonald’s left it up to its franchisees to decide whether or not they would serve the barbecue sandwich with a cult-like following).

To Pajarilla’s dismay, of the 10 McDonald’s locations in her hometown of Santa Clarita, exactly zero of them sold the McRib sandwich according to the McRib finder app. The video of her plea to city council members garnered over 46,000 views.

After sadly receiving “no feedback at all,” Pajarilla took to YouTube to express her disappointment in blues form with a video called The McRib Song (McRib Blues), which she hoped would “inspire some kind of change and get the McRib back to where it belongs, here in Santa Clarita.” Today is the one-year anniversary of the McRib Blues, and Pajarilla’s videos are going viral yet again.

So, now, we should all take a step backward and think: Do we feel as passionate about anything as Pajarilla feels about the McRib? Anything at all?

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