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Now You Can Tweet Emojis at Google for Recipes and Restaurant Recommendations

Tweet an eggplant emoji @Google and it'll point you toward baba ghanoush


The march toward a language comprised entirely of emojis in place of words continues today: You can now tweet an emoji at Google, and the Silicon Valley giant will reply with search results pertaining to your emoji of choice.

The new toy is set up to give restaurant recommendations based on the type of emoji you send its way. Google’s tweeting bot will, in theory, respond with a link to nearby restaurants it thinks you might like. Or, it might direct you to a recipe. The company’s reasoning for this project is pretty straightforward: People like emojis! Those who are tired of typing boring old words into a boring old search bar should be particularly enthused.

A Google rep offers Eater the stats: “There are 21 million tweets sent every hour, and 600,000 of them contain at least one emoji. A staggering 74 percent of people in the U.S. regularly use emojis, sending an average of 96 per day.”

A brief test of the robo-search engine shows that for more obvious emojis, it works and comes with a cute gif to boot, featuring explosions of tacos or similar animations. However, it was incapable of recognizing some of the mystery stick-based-food emojis. It was also unable to recommend a gay bar or a funeral home, and if you tweet an eggplant, Google is having none of your puerile dick jokes.

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