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The Ketchup Doughnut Whopper Is How Burger King Celebrates Hanukkah

Miraculously, it’s only available in Israel

doughnut burger Burger King Israel/Facebook

In a deep-fried mashup worthy of the State Fair of Texas, Burger King Israel is unleashing doughnut burgers on the masses this month. The Times of Israel reports the burgers are rolling out in honor of Hanukkah, the Jewish seasonal Festival of Lights that’s often celebrated with the consumption of copious amounts of oily fried foods like sufganiya — jelly-filled doughnuts.

The “SufganiKing” burgers will feature all the traditional Whopper trimmings with a fried doughnut bun filled with ketchup instead of jelly. The burger “proves that miracles still happen,” the company declared in its Facebook reveal. Gross or inspiring? The jury is still out, but according to YNet News the item is slated to grace BK Israel menus in the country from the first day of Hanukkah (December 25) through January 1.

In the search for ever more bizarre stunt foods, restaurant chains have experimented with some rather odd and decidedly non-traditional burgers. Last month, McDonald’s Italy debuted its “Nutella Burger,” a hazelnut-chocolate spread-filled brioche roll that looks a whole lot like its meat patty namesake. Red Robin has also tried its hand at a ramen burger.

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