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Watch: Homestyle Korean Cooking With a Twist at NYC's Her Name is Han

The hidden Koreatown gem is named after the owner's mother

Today Eater LA editor and host of Eater’s exploration into Korean cuisine Matthew Kang steers his hunt for homestyle Korean cooking through the doors of Her Name is Han. A slightly hidden gem just south of New York City’s Koreatown, Her Name is Han's cozy and minimalist dining room is packed daily with diners hunting for food made just as well — or nearly so — as mom or grandma used to.

From a light and airy take on deep-fried cod with gochujang and sea squirts to a reworking of traditional japchae made with stir-fried clams and potato noodles, Kang samples a number of familiar-but-with-a-twist dishes from Her Name is Han's photo-annotated menu. The recipes are an homage to the mother of the restaurant's owner, whose name, of course, is Han. Watch the video above to learn more.

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