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Cinnabon's Carrie Fisher Tweet Proves People Can't Take a Joke

When will brands learn?

Princess Leia Screengrab/Youtube

Yesterday, in what was supposed to be an innocuous (and possibly humorous) show of support for the late Carrie Fisher — better known to some as Star Wars’ Princess Leia, heroine, and hair fashion plate — ooey gooey cinnamon bun purveyor Cinnabon released a tweet (now deleted) into the galaxy:

It wasn’t the first time the company evoked Leia’s swirled hair buns in a tweet, but on the day of actress Carrie Fisher’s death the new tweet didn’t sit well with Twitter users. A few hours later the Georgia-based company’s social media team deleted the offending tweet and issued an apology.

But the damage was done.

Seems the double entendre of what the word “buns” can stand for was too much for some mortals. And then there’s the idea that using a death to promote a product or brand seems in poor taste.

Others, though, noted that Fisher herself would likely have found the tweet amusing.

But maybe food brands on Twitter need to slow down and take a step back. No one likes an ambulance chaser.

@Cinnabon [Twitter]
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