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Watch: The Unexpected Zen of Making Cranberry-Orange Brioche

A pastry that’s perfect from breakfast to dessert

Cranberry and orange make a perfect pair in winter. The seasonal flavors can be combined in any number of sweet treats, but a big brioche “star” laced with citrus-spiked berries may be the best — and prettiest — breakfast on a cold morning. This video offers a tutorial on how it’s made.

Food blogger Aube Giroux shares the recipe, and she recommends fresh cranberries made into a jam for the filling. “Although this recipe might give the impression of being complicated, it’s actually relatively easy,” she writes. Giroux says a sweet brioche star is the perfect centerpiece for a Christmas breakfast table, but it looks good enough to serve any morning, holiday or not. The recipe makes enough for a crowd of eight to 10, or you can serve a smaller group and have tasty leftovers.

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