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Watch: The History of Moutai, China’s ‘Drink of Diplomacy’

It’s 400 years old and has been bringing diplomats together for centuries

In China, one beverage has been helping diplomats come together for centuries. Moutai is a potent variety of baijiu (clear liquor) that comes from China’s Guizhou Province. This video from Great Big Story explains its history.

Moutai is distilled from fermented sorghum, wheat, and water. Like famous spirits such as Cognac and Champagne, Moutai can only be produced in its birthplace. “The taste of Moutai liquor is very elegant, exquisite, and harmonious, since we manually operate the production of Moutai, and we use solid-state/open stacking of fermentation.” Keliang Ji, chairman of the Moutai Group, says in the video. “The production of Moutai relies entirely on its unique natural environment and conditions, such as the temperature, moisture, water quality, soil, rainfall, wind force and wind direction, and biological community.”

Watch the above video to get the full story on a unique beverage that has come to be called the “drink of diplomacy.”

History in a Bottle: The Story of Moutai [YouTube]
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