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Taste Testing Beer Brewed With Artificial Intelligence

AI crowdsources data from drinkers, and generates a recipe for brewers

With a thrilling blend of customer feedback, digital interfaces, algorithms, and nuanced brewing, a British company has concocted four beers using artificial intelligence, and they are now available in the United Kingdom. The company, IntelligentX, created a survey system that uses Facebook Messenger chat bots to gather feedback from consumers on their taste preferences for beer. The data is fed into an algorithm to develop a beer recipe that is passed on to actual humans who brew, bottle, and share the beers.

The whole system is like crowdsourcing a recipe for the perfect beer, and IntelligentX thinks it can master the process. A taste tester from Bloomberg sampled some of the beers and consulted with other testers to see how well the automated brewing intelligence (or ABI) system performed. One chimed in to say the beer tasted like seawater mixed with cranberries. Now, whether that is a good flavor combo is entirely up to the individual. If it’s not, the beer AI will certainly hear about it and potentially make adjustments for the next brew cycle.

AI Beer: Taste Testing a Robot Brew [Bloomberg]
IntelligentX [Official Site]
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