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Joe Biden Loves Ice Cream More Than You Love Anything

A sweet (and sexy) supercut for the ages

Joe Biden, our nation’s 47th vice president, enjoys ice cream. That’s underselling it. Biden’s love for the frozen dessert is unmatched by anyone else’s love for anything. Someone set up a Joe Biden Eats Ice Cream tumblr a few years ago. In May, the VP declared he eats “more ice cream than three other people you'd like to be with, all at once.” He tucked into a cone on The Tonight Show in September. Huffington Post has a dedicated Joe Biden Ice Cream tag. This guy can’t get enough.

CNN had a bad year covering the presidential election, but the worldwide leader in news wants to make it up to you. Someone at the network has scoured B-roll for video of Biden eating ice cream, put it together in a super cut, given it a sexy soundtrack, and released it into the world. Biden doesn’t have much time left as America’s second-in-command, so enjoy his ice cream-eating exploits while you still can.

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