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Shake Shack Goes Gluten Free

Plus four other things to know this morning

Shake Shack gluten-free bun Shake Shack/Facebook

Shake Shack goes gluten-free: Danny Meyer’s burger upstart is bending to the will of the masses and is now offering a new gluten-free bun option. All Shake Shack locations — except those at stadiums and ballparks — now offer the gluten-free bun, pictured above. Meanwhile, diners can now skip the line at dozens of Shake Shack locations across the country.

Red wine hot chocolate is a thing: Or so says the New York Times which bases this theory on a dozen or so small blog posts that suggest adding mulled red wine to dark hot cocoa yields a surprisingly delicious beverage. We’re sticking with banana milk coffee over here.

The longest line in the world: Eater NY critic Robert Sietsema has been trying — and failing — to get into NYC’s hottest new restaurant, Tim Ho Wan. The dim sum restaurant chain earned a Michelin star at one of its locations in Hong Kong, so interest among the food obsessed is high. What sets this hype apart from your average Cronut-level insanity is that once diners wait in a line outside the restaurant (sometimes for over an hour) they are then placed in an official queue for a table, which may then require an additional two- to three- hour wait.

Is Michelle Obama’s food legacy in jeopardy? The current First Lady of the United States spent the last eight years championing a healthy eating and living ethos. According to Fortune, Mrs. Obama’s work in this space is so deeply entrenched and involves so many partnerships across the public and private sector that it’s hard for experts to imagine how a Trump presidency could undo it all. Still, the nation’s McDonald’s-loving president-elect has promised to do away with “burdensome new rules” on food, such as school lunch regulations and labeling requirements. Will obesity rates among children rise again?

Alexa-enabled coffee pot isn’t great at making coffee, but dang it’s cute.

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