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Transform Leftover Turkey Into a Warming Bowl of Pho

Dare to forego the turkey sandwich

If the turkey leftovers reached an all-time high at your house this year and you’re still working through the remnants (or if you’re super smart and stored some in the freezer), our friends at ChefSteps have a dinner plan for you. On this segment of their series “Other People’s Ideas,” cookbook author Andrea Nguyen shares her trick for transforming both the meat and carcass of leftover turkey into a warming bowl of pho.

With the addition of a few herbs, spices, and aromatics, a pile of turkey bones simmers into a flavorful broth in a little over an hour. Nguyen suggests loading up your bowl with rice noodles, mellowed red onion, and extra herbs, as well as a few slices of leftover turkey meat, before covering the lot with a few ladles of broth. The result is a perfect cold weather dish that’s a total departure from the flavors of Thanksgiving, but makes great use of the bits of the holiday you might have hiding at the back of the fridge. Watch the video above to see how it’s done, and follow along with the recipe here.

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