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Domino’s Nixes Reindeer Delivery, Confirms Santa Doesn’t Exist

Christmas is canceled, everyone

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A Domino's delivery reindeer
Who would have thought this wouldn’t work?
Domino’s Japan

Sorry, boys and girls. No matter how good you’ve been this year, reindeer aren’t coming to deliver your pizza. After brightening everyone’s spirits by announcing a Santa-esque reindeer-delivery program in Japan, Domino’s has abandoned the experiment. The company gives a simple reason: “It is difficult to control the reindeer.”

Domino’s Japan had been looking at reindeer delivery not as a novelty, but as a necessity with particularly harsh winter weather in the forecast. Unlike drones, the average reindeer does, in fact, have a mind of its own, which causes problems.

No, that doesn’t appear to be the most efficient way to deliver a pizza. It’s a bummer. Domino’s knows it’s a bummer. So even though the company won’t send pizza-hauling reindeer out into the world, it is outfitting a fleet of delivery motor scooters as festive woodland creatures.

Domino's reindeer scooters Domino’s Japan

A nice gesture, but it’s just not the same.

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Forget Drones, Domino's Wants to Deliver Pizza via Reindeer [E]

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