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Watch: Taking Dry-Aged Veal From the Butcher to the Plate

Nick Solares travels from Debragga and Spitler to Strip House on The Meat Show

This episode of The Meat Show takes on a bit of a Deconstructed vibe as host and professional carnivore Nick Solares — accompanied by Strip House executive chef Michael Vignola — follows a cut of dry-aged veal from the butcher to the kitchen to the plate.

Solares' first stop is Debragga and Spitler, a notable New York butcher and meat supply company that's been in continuously operation for nearly a century. The company moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan's Meatpacking District (at that time, more than just a name) in the 1930s, and then again to its current location in Jersey City, New Jersey in 2011. Among their many offerings, Debragga sells a popular cut of dry-aged veal, which Vignola features on Strip House's menu. After seeing where the meat is aged, the pair travel to the Manhattan Strip House location, and turn the cut into a table-ready plate. Watch the video above to see the dish come together.

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Strip House

13 East 12th Street, New York, NY 10003