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Watch Gordon Ramsay Whip Up Perfect Scotch Eggs

The 'perfect picnic breakfast' — with a twist

Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay is a native of Johnstone, Scotland, so he should be well-versed in the making of Scotch eggs. In this video, Ramsay offers a lesson in preparing what he calls the "perfect picnic breakfast" — with a twist.

The twist comes in the meat that surrounds the eggs. Instead of sticking to ground sausage, the chef turns up the volume by adding spicy black pudding and shredded apple, which he says makes the dish more appealing to kids. Setting up an organized assembly line for dredging the orbs in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs is key to his success, and the final product is golden brown with a just-creamy yolk in the center.

"There's something so magical about a Scotch egg on a picnic because it's like this little mini-breakfast," Ramsay says. Watch the video above to see his methodology.

Gordon Ramsay's Scotch Eggs with a Twist [YouTube]
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