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David Lynch Eating a Doughnut in New ‘Twin Peaks’ Trailer Is Today’s Moment of Zen


Marcel Proust had the madeline; quirky filmmaker and mastermind behind the beloved show Twin Peaks David Lynch has the doughnut. In a new teaser trailer from Showtime, — which is producing a reboot of the series — Lynch reprises his role as Gordon Cole, FBI Deputy Director and (our hero) Agent Cooper’s boss.

Cole, like his brethren, loved a good doughnut. Watch Lynch-as-Cole relish this glazed fritter while contemplating... suspicious activity? A new tactic in solving the case at hand? The way Agent Cooper’s mouth wrinkles up when he takes a sip of coffee? The trailer gives us no clues as to what’s going on in Cole’s mind. More importantly, it gives the viewer no hint as to what to expect from the next season of Twin Peaks, set to air in 2017 on Showtime. For die hard fans, that mystery is just fine: Twin Peaks wouldn’t be Twin Peaks without its oddly unsettling mystique.

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