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At KFC in Japan, the Chicken Is No Longer 'Finger Lickin' Good’

They're now distributing two-fingered gloves to keep diners' hands clean

KFC finger nups Instagram/Tokyo_dog

KFC in Japan has rendered the chain’s “finger lickin’ good” slogan obsolete: It’s now distributing special chicken-eating gloves to facilitate easy cleanup once diners reach the bottom of the bucket.

Called “finger nups,” they’re essentially two-fingered gloves that slip over the pointer finger and thumb during a meal, as RocketNews24 reports. But the news of this invention shakes the very core of KFC. What happens when no finger licking is required after eating “finger lickin’ good” chicken? Finger nups nullify KFC’s most iconic slogan.

Also, whatever happened to using a good old-fashioned Wet-Nap to clean up after a meal? KFC has relied heavily on Wet-Naps since 1956, and until now, they’ve been the go-to cleanup for diners partaking in the “finger lickin’ good” chicken.

But who knows — maybe these finger nups will appeal to Donald Trump, who already stuck it to the finger lickin’ slogan by digging into his own chicken with a knife and fork.

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