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McDonald's Next Frontier Is Delivering Fries to Your Front Door

UberEats and the fast-food behemoth join forces next month

Fresh on the heels of last month’s news it will finally unveil a mobile-order-and-pay app, McDonald’s its continuing its quest for new customer-facing technology: It’s teaming up with UberEats for a delivery partnership.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the McNugget slinger will roll out its new delivery option across 200 restaurants in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami come January; users will be able to order via the UberEats app or online, and a driver will deliver their quarter-pounder with cheese right to their front door. McDonald’s has yet to comment on the partnership, but there’s potential this could see a wider national rollout if and when they find success in Florida.

McDonald’s has been a bit late to the mobile app game — a route proven successful by other food chains across the U.S. According to a June report by the Application Resource Center, the fast food giant received a paltry 31.7 mobile sentiment score, which, considering its stature as an international fast food superstar, is pretty underwhelming (for context, the technology-hungry Domino’s is rocking an powerful 85.3).

Currently, McDonald’s delivers through third-party companies like Postmates and DoorDash, which, despite their convenience, often aren’t exactly wallet-friendly with various convenience fees and upcharges. UberEats, on the other hand, charges a flat $5 delivery fee. But if you stop to imagine what a delivery Mickey D's meal might actually look like, those delicious fries — all lukewarm and soggy from riding shotgun to your house — quickly begin to look less appetizing.

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