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Getting Drunk at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Is About to Get Way Easier

The park is slowly loosening its grip on its no-alcohol policy

Walt Disney World

Do you enjoy getting tipsy in the vicinity of large cartoon mascots? It’s your lucky day — Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is set to allow a whole lot more booze to flow by Christmas.

At present, the Magic Kingdom is pretty much a dry zone: Alcohol is only served at Be Our Guest, the Beauty and the Beast-themed restaurant that’s only been open since 2012. But as Disney Food Blog reports, another four restaurants will serve alcohol as of December 23.

Walt Disney himself had somewhat of a teetotaling focus for his company’s theme parks — California’s Disneyland was historically completely dry and remains mostly alcohol-free nowadays, and Disney apparently wished for the Magic Kingdom in Florida to remain as a dry zone within the bigger park.

The four restaurants to add alcohol are Italian restaurant Tony’s Town Square, Cinderella’s Royal Table, the American history-themed Liberty Tree Tavern, and the questionably-concepted Skipper Canteen, which serves “jungle cuisine” (a poorly thought-out catch-all term for Asian, African and South American food).

The alcohol will be roughly themed to each eatery: sparkling wine at Cinderella’s Royal Table, Italian beer and wine at Tony’s, and so forth.

For those planning a visit to the park prior to December 23, there are plenty of other places outside the Magic Kingdom where park-goers can get turnt on substandard alcohol — do scope out Eater’s complete guide to drinking at Disney World.

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