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Sweden Loves This Adorable Mouse-Sized Restaurant

It was built by ‘AnonyMouse’ artists

AnonyMouse restaurant Provided/Kristina Sigunsdotter

Sweden has the classiest rodents. At least, that’s what some local artists think. A group called “AnonyMouse” installed a mouse-sized restaurant in the base of a building in Malmö on December 7, according to UPI, and the city’s residents are falling hard for the adorable scene, documenting it on social media and adding their own touches.

There are two storefronts in the display: one tiny dining spot called Il Topolino (meaning “the mouse”) has small furniture out front, glass windows revealing brick walls inside, checkered tablecloths, and minute black-and-white photos, including a signed photo of Remy, the rat chef from the animated movie Ratatouille. The other spot in the 25-by-12-inch space is Noix De Vie, meaning "Nuts of Life," as Curbed notes. Small plates of pistachios, almonds, pecans, and cashews fill the window display, piled underneath walnuts that hang from a wire overhead.

“The people of Malmö seem to have taken it to their hearts and almost immediately miniature things started to show up on the scene — club posters, cheeses, all kinds of plastic animals and much more,” an AnonyMouse member told Eater in an email. Some have even gone so far as to bring actual pet rodents to the installation (not recommended for actual restaurants).

Mouse cafe, Kristina Sigunsdotter Provided/Kristina Sigunsdotter

The display is made from scraps, including bottle caps, tin cans, and matches. It even includes lights that switch on inside at night for a truly romantic setting.

AnonyMouse promises more to come in 2017, but there are no specific details yet. Perhaps we’ll see a mouse-sized bakery, a cafe, or even a cheese shop in the new year.

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