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Watch How Turtle Soup, a New Orleans Classic, Is Made

It’s a mix of French technique and local ingredients

The Meat Show's tour through the Big Easy would not be complete without a trip to Galatoire's, the French-Creole institution on Bourbon Street that is over 100 years old. Host and professional carnivore Nick Solares dons a jacket and strides over the establishment's iconic tile entryway to chat with Galatoire's president Melvin Rodrigue and sample a bowl of the restaurant's fabled turtle soup.

Turtle soup is an exemplar of Cajun cuisine — created using traditional French culinary techniques, but with the added twist of local ingredients. The soup is made from a beef stock base with the meat from the American snapping turtle, which live in abundance in Louisiana's many swamps. Finished with hard boiled egg, parley, lemon, and sherry — and served with a bit of extra sherry on the side for the diner to do with as he or she wishes — it is one dish Solares knew not to miss while in New Orleans. Watch the video above for a look into Galatoire's historic dining room, and to learn more about how its turtle soup is made.

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